Monday, August 30, 2004

A woman at work today asked me if I had "gotten my knitting all straightened away." Huh? I racked my brain to figure out if she would have somehow heard about troubles on some recent project, or what on earth else she could have meant. Figuring that I wasn't having any current problems, I decided it would be safe to give a vague "uh-huh," adding that "[my knitting] is sort of an ongoing thing." As she continued, I realized she was referring to the yarn I had been buying when I ran into her at the Weaving Works sale. On Mother's Day. It sounds as though she has not knit anything since and was having trouble deciding what to do with it. My hands are shaking at the mere suggestion of four months without knitting, but I understand that not everyone is as addicted as I am. It was the wording of her question that really made me feel as though I had just discovered a new rare breed of knitter, though. Imagine thinking of knitting as something that would be over and done with once you finished your project! And to assume that everyone else is the same way! Although I certainly know people who have decided knitting was not their thing and stopped after one project, I've never known anyone to plan it that way. I guess being exposed to many different points of view is one of the advantages of still being in school.


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