Thursday, September 02, 2004

I have been spending all of my time (note: I did not say all of my spare time) in the last two days designing this blog, my header/button, etc. Most of it was figuring out how to make a three column layout in CSS. A lesser woman would have given up, given in, and used a table (a lesser woman may also have accomplished other things after having a very nice blog in a few hours), but that's not me. Thanks to some amazing code from this guy, I not only finally got three columns using a style sheet alone, I have a whole bunch of other features like support for even the most difficult browsers, and a blog that resizes to fit any window. I have to say that this CSS thing is much nicer than typing style comments over and over in plain html. Stubborness aside, it did not help my speed that I also got hopelessly distracted along the way playing with things like html color code combinations. Ah well, I only sort of had other things I was supposed to accomplish.

I'm working on a new theory about my grad school experience; I don't think that my advisor really exists. I'm pretty sure that I just dreamed him up one night and became convinced that I actually had a research project and someone to guide it. I developed this theory on Monday when I realized that I hadn't seen Brian in weeks, and my time-sensative email from Thursday had gone without response. My hypothesis has yet to be disproven. This is good in terms of blogs and knitting, but not so good if I ever hope to leave UW. I have become greatly jealous watching Mark get to work by a specific time each morning and coming home at night having collected actual data, when I have just been playing on the net all day. My, grad school has twisted me.


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