Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have one completed mitten. It doesn’t fit. After the cuff I went up a needle size, but my gague didn’t. It may even have gotten smaller. This happened on The Gloves, too, and they got a bit rippled. It finally hit me that my floats must be too tight. At this point I was just above the thumb, and it fits great from there. The lower palm is tight on anyone larger than me (which I think Chris is). Several Purlygirls tried it on, and thought that blocking should fix it. I like that idea. I have discovered that I’m not much for things that come in twos; threes would be worse. For now I wove in the ends and am just going to start on the next one, staying loose the whole time.

I also cast on for my brother’s hat today using my brand new double start method. It is from Cascade Eco+ (dyed Ecological Wool). I will be making two hats and a scarf from this skein. I love this yarn.


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