Monday, December 06, 2004

That whole “no mistakes” thing… that was a lie. The chart has two errors, one more frustrating than the other. Upon closer inspection, I realize that Yarn Harlot said she had found no errors in Folk Solks, not Folk Knitting in Estonia. The nupp stitch section (which is super fun otherwise) will not make flowers, it will make Xs. I realized this as soon as I looked at it, but thought I could live with Xs. They’re unevenly spaced Xs, though, and that is unacceptable. Plus, I really like the flowers. Figuring out what the pattern should be wasn’t too hard since the stitch definition was easy to see in the photo. I displayed stunning incompetence figuring out how many stitches I needed, however, so fixing the section took me qquite a while. The other mistake is a miscolored square in the main pattern chart. Fortunately, it is toward the top so you have a really good feel for the pattern already and it is very simple to notice and fix.

I’m loving the Double Start Cast On. When you get going, this cast on can really fly. It is very elastic and therefore good for mittens and socks. I think the edge is prettier than the long tail cast on. Changing how the yarn sits on the thumb makes it a bit slow, though, so I’ve figured out a smoother, more continuous way to do it;

Move 1:

a) The first step is as for the long tail cast on; the strand over the thumb is the long tail, the strand over the index finger leads to the skein, b) From below, insert the needle through the loop around the thumb, c) Scoop the needle over and then under the strand over the index finger (the yarn will wrap the needle clockwise), and pull it through the thumb loop from the top. Drop the yarn off your thumb and tighten.

Move 2:

d) With thumb back in place, tilt the left hand forward, e) Scoop the yarn up from beneath and and pull up, f) Wrapping the yarn around the needle clockwise again, grab it from the index finger and pull it right to left through the loop around your thumb.

Alternate moves one and two until you have as many as you need. The slipknot at the beginning counts as move 1. The picture below is of poor quality, but I hope you can get an idea what the cast on looks like.


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