Friday, November 19, 2004

Now that the Tilex fumes have worn off, I can talk about knitting coherently. First, though, I would like to mention that I am a genius. After posting yesterday, and spending a while pointedly not cleaning the bathroom, inspiration struck. Our sponge mop can work up as well as down! I can reach anything I need to! Well, with our low ceilings, anyway. It was great. I sprayed Tilex all over the ceiling and walls, quickly learning not to watch what I was doing (gravity and all), got the mop wet and went to town. Everything was white in under 10 minutes. It has been pointed out to me that this is not a good solution. A good solution would have my husband doing the dirty work I am *so sadly* too short for. In general, I agree. In this case, however, the need is too consistant. I would have to make nagging a full time job to have this done even half as often as necessary. I did take advantage of having done this to stick him with all of the other icky cleaning like getting the mold off the windowsills and cleaning the toilet (which is just a gross thing to do any time of year). The major lesson here, in case you haven't picked this up yet, when looking to buy a house NEVER get one with aluminum window sills. It's bad no matter what the climate.

I have been getting lots of questions about the fate of Tricot. It has been set aside until Christmas knitting is done, but I took notes so that when I picked it up again I would have the faintest clue what was going on. The sides are all seemed up, and it fits fantastically. The problem is that the parts that should be seemed together at the shoulder currently only reach my armpit. There are a few possibilities for this: 1) My row gauge may be off. I never checked this, and feel no need to do it now, thank you very much, and/or 2) I may not have actually done the decrease pattern I figured out would be best and wrote down. It looks like I may have decreased two rows in a row rather than three between plain rows. I will need to examine further. My current plan is to check the decrease pattern and switch to what I had really wanted if necessary, and then just keep going. This will make the raglan lines go farther and the front pieces get very narrow, but that's fine. I examined some manufactured raglans I liked, and I think this will be perfectly acceptable. The neck may also be a bit wider, but that's fine too. This will of course mean I need to change the sleeves to match, but that's okay since I need to completely redo those anyway. I need to add at least four more stitches since they were way too tight.


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