Monday, November 08, 2004

Dang these sleeves are taking forever. I actually finished them last night, but they are way too short. I'm thinking it's a row gauge problem, so I'm not quite sure how to fix it and still have the raglan seems connect well. In fact, this is making me concerned that the arm holes in the body may be too small. I can handle adding more to the sleeves, but reknitting the body may mean this is a project for next year (*sniff*). Maybe someone at Purlygirls tonight will have a fabulous solution.

A very mean Rebecca actually counted and posted the number of knitting days left until Christmas. It is a very, very small number. This means I need to order my thoughts and get cracking, so here goes:

Must be done ASAP:

Fair Isle gloves (Why are these still on my list? Grr)

Must be done by Thanksgiving:

San Juan Islander Scarf

Must be done by Christmas:

2 beaded sachets
Fair Isle Headband (I'm a masochist)
DNA scarf
Cool cap
Christmas Stocking

Should be done by Christmas:

Blue gradient scarf (pattern forming in my head)
Thrummed mittens
House socks
Felted bag

Wish desperately I could allow myself to work on:

Ribby Cardigan
Zig Zag
Novelty Scarf
Laptop case
Top secret useful household item



At 1:41 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

My advice, put down the cotton sweater and work on your holiday gifts. There's plenty of time to work out your row gauge problem after Xmas.

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, what she said! you are braver than I am, I don't even want to get my list for Christmas started! I shouln't tempt you with Rogue, but it is a really fun knit! --- marti


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