Tuesday, October 19, 2004

For those of you who didn't know, that last post meant that I passed the qual and am now an official PhD candidate. Well, mostly. Technically, there is an oral portion of the exam involving presenting and defending a summary of a 20 page paper describing preliminary research results and future plans. I get the impression that they just won't let you do that until they're sure you'll pass, so that's a lot of work but not so terrifying. So back to celebrating!

On the knitting front, I began my DNA scarf today. The DB Alpaca Silk is devine, of course. I'm debating whether to begin again, however. I don't want the scarf to get to wide (my yarn is of larger gauge than the pattern), so I went way down in needle size, using a fours rather than eights. The result is predictably rather dense, though not quite as much as I had feared, but that could be a good thing since it is for warmth... Decisions, decisions. I need to finish those Fair Isle gloves first. Ten days left to B-Day. Hmm, now that I actually count it out I'm seized by panic. I'd better get knitting!


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