Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm back from Portland, and came bearing a brand new PowerBook. Yea!! Three cheers for educational discounts and no sales tax! I actually haven't gotten everything transferred to it from my iMac (which will now be handed down to my husband), or even really had a chance to play with it as the qual is tomorrow!!!

I've got to get back to studying, but here is that picture of the scarf I promised.

A quick note on the train from Portland: I took the Coast Starlight train back, and I don't recommend it. I had a little more personal space, but it was a horribly jerky and bumpy ride (there was a terrible moment when I connected that fact with the smelly, sticky floors in the bathroom). It was very uncomfortable, and made writing nearly impossible. The only other time I've had such a rough ride was between tiny towns in rural Spain, not the primary route between major cities (LA to Seattle)! I suggest taking the other train.


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