Monday, September 13, 2004

Last night I finished my very last chapter of notetaking. Yea! Of course I still need to take notes on the sections only found on the CD, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright.

I ripped out the four rows I had done on the sleeve (and then couldn't remember why) and started over doing both sleeves at the same time. That was a gigantic pain. I love having the sleeves just done when I finish going through the pattern once, but I barely had enough room on the needles so squishing it all down was taking a lot of energy and cramping my hands. And I thought the three balls of yarn for the front got tangled! Let's just say I had something very akin to a spiderweb happening beneath the needles despite my best efforts. When I hit the increases I knew I had to give up. I now have 14 rows of one sleeve on a holder and am working on the other. I think I should be able to finish these up today and block them overnight. We're looking at a finished sweater by Wednesday! (I should add that I am furiously knocking on wood and hoping I haven't just jinxed myself by assuming it will all go smoothly.)


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