Wednesday, September 08, 2004

[Blogger has been having issues, so we'll try posting last night's entry again.]

Bom-bom-bom, another one bites the dust! And another one's gone, and another one's gone... That's right, I took copious notes on three chapters of my qual book tonight. Did I mention that as they get later and longer, they cover less interesting topics? It was hellish, but I went over to Kuan Yin Teahouse after lunch and got down to business. Eight hours and eight pots of tea later I arose triumphant (in a crosseyed, stiff, overhydrated sort of way). Say, did you know that the icky acidity you get when you over-steep green tea makes the caffeine hit you three times as hard? I switched to oolong. Needless to say, not much else got done today. For a laugh, though, check this out.


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