Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Well the qual is over. And I'm not travelling any more. It's all very odd. I've been pushing away vague feelings of anxiety, brought about by not actively preparing for anything, for the past two days. We're supposed to find out within a week if we passed, so I guess the anxiety may get less vague. I think I did really well on the test, but I don't think I passed. You need to get 90% correct, which I haven't done on anything since high school. I'm not sure I've even seen more than one example of someone getting a 90% in college or grad school. I don't think I entirely believe it is possible. It's also rough because this is the first test I have taken (maybe ever?) in which it doesn't matter how anyone else did. Usually I can comfort myself by listening to others and knowing they got the same things wrong so they won't really count. This test just has an absolute standard. We'll see.

On the up side, I can now get back to knitting. Frantically, actually. My mom's birthday is the 28th and I have got to finish her present. First I have to exchange the needles, though. About ten minutes into knitting on the plane to Europe the cable join slid off on of the needles. The next day the other side went. From what I have heard, this is a fairly common problem with Crystal Palace circulars, but the cables are so soft and flexible I want them anyway! We'll see if it happens with the next pair. I may be able to glue them, but I want to just try a new set first. It was slow going needing to hold the join on everytime I needed to slide the stitches on or off the cable, and I lost several stitches more than once. The magic loop method is going quite well other than that, though, and I think I'm sold. I especially like that I don't need to also buy dpns.


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