Friday, October 15, 2004

I'm getting outrageously spoiled by my knitting groups. Lately, I have never been going home empty handed. Last night the wonderful bakery folks sent us home with extra goodies from the day (oh palmiers, how I love thee), which is getting to be a pretty common occurance, and on Wednesday I got free panties! Before you start imagining wild knitting orgies or any other exciting explinations, I should explain that one of the women in the group is an assistant buyer for Bon Macy's and had a trade show. The pen collections I aquire at the trade shows of my life pale in comparison. I bet Dupont makes materials used in panties, where are they, huh?! Of course I'm not sure the heavily male materials world is ready for that sort of sample...

Even though I was so tired I could barely hold the knitting needles (I think I may be getting the flu) I made good progress on the Orcas Islander scarf. That's the specific design of San Juan scarf I'm doing; I don't think I have ever actually said it before. Just 11 more inches to go! Honestly, though, the row or two takes a tremendous amount of time and then it's fairly smooth sailing, so it's not that much left. I don't think I'm going to be able to exchange my Crystal Palace needles today, as I have to go listen to Bill Gates speak (rah), so maybe I can finish the scarf and dive back into the gloves without any longing for incomplete projects. Well, not this incomplete project, at least.


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