Friday, October 22, 2004

So now that I need to focus on those gloves, I can do anything but. I have made some progress:

Both cuffs are done, the one on the right is folded the way they will be in the finished product. Can you see those two black yarn strands sticking out the bottom? I have no idea what those are about, and I'm afraid they can't be good. Ah well, I will just pull them through to the other side, weave them in and hope for the best. I finally realized (after knitting the first cuff twice and beginning on the third) that the pattern is hearts rather than just abstract. I'm not totally thrilled about this, as it doesn't seem too much like my mom to me, but I think it will be okay since the main pattern is just a traditional all-over.

Below the cuffs you can see the beginning to the DNA scarf. This is requiring great self control. The yarn is just so wonderful I want to do nothing but work on this scarf. Must... get back to... gloves...


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