Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Mark got ripped for his next assignment today. Doesn't that sound like he got in trouble? After being confused for a bit, I figured out that it means he was told where and when to go. It turns out that he will be closer than originally anticipated. Rather than being 2928 miles away in Georgia, he will be a mere 2584 miles away in Mississippi. That's better, right? 7 hours less driving...

I have a new plan for when he leaves; I want to rotate Seattle for two weeks, Columbus for two weeks. Travelling would be a hastle, but it seems much more doable than just being apart for a year. And I've have lots of quality knitting time on the planes. Now I just need to convince my advisor. I was hoping to find a university near Columbus with the equipment I need (we'll already be paying to use it, what does it matter who we're paying?), but no such luck.

As for the gloves, they are not going to be done in time (tomorrow). I'm going to have some chocolate or flowers delivered with a "more to come" note. I was almost to the fingers on one when I realized that I had used the wrong color first. Since I made up the colors, I could say that this was fine, but the reason I had chosen the order originally was because the darkest blue is almost impossible to tell from the black, and my mistake had them next to eachother. Frogging turned out to be the best thing to do anyway, since I had done the thumb very wrong. Unless my mom was in some horrible accident leaving her thumb sticking out of her wrist, these were not going to fit.


At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chocolate and flowers will work in a pinch. :)marti


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