Thursday, November 18, 2004

If you're wonderig where I've been, the answer is: cleaning. Who knew 1200 sq feet could take so much time?! My inlaws are coming on Sat morning, and I still have stuff to do. Most of this is because we have entered that very special time of year in Seattle that I like to call "mold season." Yes, if you lived here you too could experience the joy of going to dust the window sills and discovering that in the last week they have become completely covered in black mold. Sinks are also a joy. But the best part is the bleeding walls in the bathroom. The fan in the bathroom with our shower is not the greatest, so there is often condensation that runs down. Not usually a big deal, but a small amount of reddish mold grows there this time of year and the result is pink streaks remeniscent of a horror film. Ick. I have to clean about every other day to keep ahead, and since I'm tiny, this means trying to get Mark to clean the walls that often. I can't wait until spring.


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