Sunday, April 03, 2005

Alright, I'm having camera problems, but I have decided to post anyway. I've really been wanting to post pictures of my progress on Ribby Cardi. I went with popular opinion and made hollyberry sleeves. Well, mostly. It turned out that I did not order enough yarn, and I wanted to lengthen the sleeves anyway, so I am anxiously awaiting my KnitPicks order. And since one skein of Merino Style is not enough for free shipping... I ordered enough in the blue I was thinking about for the sleeves to make a whole other sweater. And some Andes Wool for the Fiber Trends Sheep Tote. It's amazing how mch your can get for $30 there. And it would hae been just silly to pay the shipping

While I wait, I have gone back to the Blossom sweater. It's flying along (which is good since I started it last night and need it done by Tuesday morning). It's a top-down raglan for a four-month old, and I have just a few rows left according to the Knitting Fool. I'm a bit concerned, though. It seems like it may be big again. Not as big as last time, since I went down to a size 10 (from 10.5) needle and used stockinette rather than garter stitch, but I'm still worried. I think I shall surf the net for generic baby sweater measurements to ease my mind.


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