Friday, September 22, 2006

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Last weekend I went to Bath. I really enjoyed it. The city really had that aura of history around it while clearly being a current center of activity. This feeling was helped by the fact that the students had also returned about the same day and were descending on the town center for reunions and exploring with the excitement of the new academic year.

Due to the lack of good public transit options, I tried something I have never done before: I got on one of those busses full of tourists to get shunted from one place to another in a big passel. Well, it was a van and only 15 of us, but still. I took a day tour out into the country and saw

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Which was much smaller than I had expected. Well, smaller may not be the right word. More compact is probably more accurate. The height was what I thought from the pictures. And more compact does not mean less impressive.

The tour also included the Avebury stone circle, grounds lovingly maintained by many ovine caretakers

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We also made stops in two adorable Costwold towns. They were very quaint, and I'm glad that I went, but I'm also glad that it was just a brief stop on this tour. I think that if I had followed my guidebook's glowing recommendation and done a driving tour through the Costwolds I may have gotten bored.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Sarah Nopp said...

My husband and stopped by both Stonehenge and Avebury on a trip to Wales a number of years ago. I have to say I really enjoyed the stones of Avebury more. Maybe because we could wander along and through and take our time.


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