Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So, remember how good I was at the WW sale? Well, I went back on Sunday morning to pick up a McMorran Balance and... had an accident:

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5 skeins Dianna, a skein of , 2 skeins Rapture (all a dollar each), 1 skein Jaeger Silk, and a *gigantic* bag of denim cotton. I'm afraid I may really hate spinning that, but I'm taking a cotton spinning class in June and at this price I can always sell it on eBay if it's horrible.

Oh, and if you were interested in more/higher quality photos and information about the sock pal socks I received, check out Monica's blog today.

**Upon further research (driving over the bridge and reading the sign) it seems that the Fremont Bridge is not closing completely, it's just going down to one lane each way preventing busses and trucks.


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