Monday, May 22, 2006

Okay, here's the story with Tricot. I started this as my second or third sweater in 2003 immediately after the pattern came out. I finished the body and started work on the sleeves. I was so excited that when I had to rip out the sleeves since they would have fit around my waist, I blocked the body pieces (there was some sizing difference) and sewed them together. I tried it on that night in the bathroom of the restaurant that Purlygirls was meeting in at the time. It fit amazingly. I was so impressed with myself, I couldn't believe how good it made me look and what fabulous fashion wear I could make. Of course the pieces were a little too short...

I reknit the sleeves several times (I'm pretty sure there were gauge issues). Finally I got to the decreases and saw on closer inspection of the body that while I did all the decreases the same, they weren't what was specified in the pattern, and I had some trouble reading what I had actually done. I had to rip the sleeves again, and eventually shoved it into a basket somewhere. I picked it up again some time last year and restarted the sleeves, but abandoned them after only a few rows.

Recently, I began the sleeves again. I had to start twice or so, but that's life. I am better now at reading my knitting, so I was able to mimick the decreases. I continued the decreases farther up the body and sleeves this time to make it longer. I tried it on. It's too short. Not just from the armpit up like I remember from before, but also from the bottom to armhole. At the moment, I am blocking it as nothing has ever been blocked before (of course the blue ran in the soaking, darkening the green, but I'm telling myself that's actually a good thing). If this doesn't work I probably need to just start over. I guess I could maybe knit a few inches and then graft them on... damn I wish that a) I didn't want this sweater so badly, and b) I could picture this yarn as anything else.


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