Friday, December 10, 2004

Paul’s hat took me the entire flight to NYC. To keep this in context, please remember I live in Seattle. A simple 3x1 ribbed hat! I kept looking at the beautiful mitten and thinking “I can do that! But I can’t handle this!” First I made it way too big. Then I made it the right size around, but decreased too fast and made it too small. Then I worked my way through several ways of decreasing, and hated them all. I finally settled on one I like well enough; the world’s most common and simple spiral hat decrease pattern. On the up side, I am now in New York, which is very exciting. I’m not meeting my friend until tomorrow, so I’m just going to hit the hay in our bizarre “hotel.” It’s really more of a hostel, I guess, but we get our own rooms. The weird part is that the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling. The tops of the rooms are just covered with garden lattice. The noise shouldn’t bother me too much since there are quite hours and I’m a heavy sleeper, and I came expecting it, but I wasn’t expecting how much light comes in from the hallway. Ah well, for $30 a night to stay in the East Village, I can handle it.


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