Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Comcast guy is coming today, so hopefully I will be able to post consistantly again soon. In the meantime, in addition to todays post, some impressions from my spinning Tuesday.

I'm finding spinning on the wheel trickier than my drop spindle. My main problem is that you don't get any feedback. If your yarn doesn't have enough twist on a drop spindle, it breaks. If you have too much it will twist up despite the weight pulling it down. On the wheel you have to stop and tug on the yarn to tell if it has enough twist, and as near as I can tell it will twist up on itself if allowed no matter how much twist is in it. As a result of the uncertainty, I am overspinning everything "to be safe". I also wish I were using locks instead of this stuff that comes in thick snakes (I can't remember the word right now, and my books are way out in the other room). It would be a lot easier to connect what I need to do to the pictures and instructions in the books I got out of the library.

This morning I finally woke up at a decent hour, got up and started getting ready... then grabbed my backpack and crawled back in bed to knit and read blogs (and now blog myself). This seemed much more wonderful before I realized that I'm going to need to rip out everything I did last night and this morning. I'm working on Mark's Christmas sweater (the colors I am using are a testament to just how much I love my husband)

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This was really difficult to get a good photo of. It's a top down V-neck sweater with a simultaneous set-in sleeve that I am designing. I wussed out a bit. The pattern is supposed to be a slip stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns, but I'm doing it as intarsia at least on the sleeves. I couldn't figure out how to do it since I needed the blue to continue around the sweater not in pattern. The problem requiring ripping back is this:

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This is very tricky to see, but do you see how the shoulder jogs down from front to back? I did notice it when I picked up the stitches but thought "a little more space in the back is probably good" and didn't consider that you would be able to see the jog. Also, the stitches next to the pattern are a little loose, and I want to tighten those up. I'll probably give ripping out only the sleeves a shot, but I'm not tremendously hopeful.


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