Saturday, December 10, 2005

To move or not to move? This is a question I need answered rather promptly. Lately I've begun to feel a bit guilty about how expensive my apartment is compared to my other options in the city. I'm not really in a position to sign a long lease at this point, so I hit Craig's List and started searching for other people's leases I could latch on to (aka "roommates"). After some good people and places and others that were not so good (did you know a flop house can charge $400/month in Seattle?) I think I have found a place. It's in a great part of Wallingford, three blocks from the shops and the bus route to school. It is one bus to get to school and all my knitting meet-ups except Purlygirls (2 buses, but easy to get a ride from) and two to get to work. I will save $150-$200/month by moving there. I think there is enough space for all of my furniture and belongings, though it may be a tad tight. The apartment has decent sized shared areas, is clean, doesn't smell of stale hamburgers, and doesn't have drunk karaoke on Sunday nights. The gal living there seems nice and is... A Knitter (learning, anyway). I also get lonely being by myself all the time and end up going out and spending money, so it could be good to have a roommate. Of course she travels as much as I do, if not more, so who knows if I'll actually have much company.

So what's the problem? I love my current apartment, and I can afford it (plus I'm getting a $100/month raise next month). It is cute and old and has character. It has built in yarn storage. I painted the walls very pretty colors that relax me. It only smells like hamburgers in the winter if I don't remember to leave the window open when I leave for the day, and the noise doesn't really bother me (so long as it's not Sweet Caroline). It is in the center of everything. I thrive being in a center of activity rather than a residential area. I am energized by the area every morning when I walk out the door and every evening when I get off the bus. I can walk out the door and into a fabulous restaurant. If I turn I have my choice of several others. The library is a block away, and it is only one bus to anything I do. It is mine; I don't have to share the space with anyone. For a while Mark actually lived in this apartment, so I can sort of remember that I'm married here. And speaking of Mark, if things don't go exactly according to plan for him I may need to move in March (not very likely, but a possibily). And moving is a big hassle in which I have to bribe and abuse my friends.

*Sigh* I need to make a decision pretty quickly. I wouldn't be moving until 1 Feb, but if I want this particular place I need to tell her to stop looking for a roommate. I just don't know.


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