Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On Sunday we went down to the Cincinnati Reds Stitch 'N Pitch. Did I mention we moved to OH last August? No matter, we're leaving this fall anyway (hopefully to return to Seattle). A good time was had by all, but especially the Cygnet who had the time of her (admittedly short) life. I was worried she was going to be overwhelmed by all the noise, but after looking concerned for a bit she really got into it. The seats reserved for the Stitch 'N Pitch crowd were much, much better than those at the Seattle event but they were in the sun and I'm pretty sure it was in the mid 80s in them. We'd carried the Cygnet in the Moby, so we pulled her out of that right away, stripped her, and used it to shield her from the sun. She was still sweating like mad. Fortunately, two of the seats reserved for those who can't do the stairs were available right behind us on the concourse. It was a bit noisier, but a very comfortable mid-70s temperature. As soon as we got up there, the Cygnet woke up and spent about four innings completely enthralled with all the people buying their hot dogs and beer. I think she would have liked watching the movement anyway, but it certainly didn't hurt that everyone was in red!

On the downside, the event wasn't quite as... festive as with the Mariners. They had it all muddled up with doing Mother's Day stuff (I guess they must not be playing this week), there was no big announcement, I saw maybe four knitters I hadn't come with, the mascot didn't throw yarn into the crowd, etc.

I didn't manage to take any photos at the game, even though I did remember my camera, but I have a shot of the swag:

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It's a really impressive bag; actually nice yarn (cotton fleece), good needles (Bryspun and Clover in tree tru-, er, 17 & 19), coupons for local shops, a Rebecca pattern, the least offensive issue of Cast On I've seen, a little notions bag, and one of each size of my favorite point protectors.