Monday, January 17, 2005

Mark is back in town so it is much harder for me to get on the computer. In fact, I'm making somewhat of an effort not to be home too much, in order to avoid the inevitable marital discord from having only the one. I can't imagine how this would work, but I do hear tell of mythical families that only have one computer all of the time. Or even no computer at all... Okay, I'm beginning to shake. I'd better not think about that anymore.

In the mean time, I have been knitting a bunch, and been very cold. On Friday night, Jessica, Cass and I went to Cafe Ladro for a lovely night of knitting. We eventually had to move to the 5 Spot, however, because in addition to getting hungary we were freezing. The temperature had taken a sudden dive that day, and the door to the coffee shop wouldn't stay all the way closed. Then of course the barista decided that she needed a cigarette break. Rather than smoking out front where there are huge windows to watch the store, she brilliantly went in back and left the door all the way open. Ay! I made good progress on Rogue, though.

On Saturdays I work all day at the Fiber Gallery, and this weekend was no different. In that I worked, anyway, it was different in that the furnace didn't. Due to a severe backlog in laundry, I was stuck in a store with no heat on what was possibly the coldest day yet in the thinnest shirt I own with only 3/4 length sleeves. I take back anything I have ever said about usually being cold there. Being cold in a yarn store is a unique form of psychological torture. It really feels like being surrounded by yarn should make you warm, you just can't figure out quite how. The bins are too small to actually crawl into...

The day was made bearable by Jessica's Big Sack Sweater sample which I quickly stole from the window. Mmmm, Manos... I got several comments on how nice the sweater was and how well it fit, and whenever it came out that it was a shop sample and not my sweater I got comments on what a terrible color it was on me. Hey, I may have looked deathly ill, but I was warm. A note to anyone thinking about making this sweater; it is written to be HUGE. The X-Small size was very roomy and comfortable on me. I would normally be looking in the medium size range. Consider this when choosing your size.

Just to complete the weekend on a theme, the brunch I went to yesterday was in the home of friends whose heater had broken. Yea.

We did have heat at our knitting meet-up, though, and I got about half way through a top-down cardigan that I am doing out of Blossom. The yarn is tactilely confusing. The backbone is a pretty rough, stiff thread that does not feel good running over your finger, but the finished fabric that you are holding on your palms is puffy and cozy and delicious. I will have pictures of this and rogue tonight, once I set up the camera to talk to this computer.


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