Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I have been so scattered lately. For example:

The bin is full of all of the yarn I can't actually put away because I am more or less actively knitting on projects with all of that yarn. The stack of books in front are craft books I started pulling off the shelf maniacally at the library. I know I don't have time, but I couldn't stop myself. I almost bought several books on bobbin lace making. I just want to do it all. This is problematic because I have that pesky little degree I'm working on. For those of you who don't remember or have never known, I'm not getting a cool degree that can be turned into a study of the knitting phenomenon among American college students or a portfolio of fiber arts, or some other crafty thing. My program is materials engineering. It seems like that could have some knitting connection, you know... wool is a material... but no. Of course I feel that I lack direction there as well. I just can't settle down on a craft, knitting WIP, or course of research.

To make matters worse, Marti is going to teach me to tat. I'm incredibly excited about it. At the Fiber Gallery on Sunday we had been musing about what tatting exactly is, since we carry the shuttles but no one knows how to do it. Marti stood up, bought supplies, and within minutes had the first edge of a snowflake. It was amazing. I can't wait to be able to do that. Jessica, on the other hand, had a look of pure horror watching the teeny tiny knots. You could practically hear her brain screaming "how can anyone do something that fiddely and slow?!" At least I've been able to resist following her into the world of spinning. So far.

I think some of my flightiness stems from anxiety about the impending move. Where should I live? When should I move? What can I afford? What will it be like only seeing my husband a few days a month? I started combing the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods for "For Rent" signs today, and that helped a bit. At least I'm taking action. But what if I find something really good? I was planning on moving on the first of March, should I try to move sooner so I don't miss it?

Note: Today's entry may help explain why my posts of late may not have made complete sense. I'm afraid that my inability to focus on anything is maybe causing a few nonsequitors or missing bits.

*I apologize to all people, places, and groups I'm mentioning this week that should be linked to. Mark's computer does not seem to allow such niceties.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Ahem. I was not horrified. I was impressed and amazed. But, no, I don't think I'll be taking up tatting any time soon.


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