Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm only now catching up on all of my blog reading after GCD '05, and finally figured out that Jessica tagged me for this almost two weeks ago. Better late than never, I suppose, so here goes:

1. The Last movie you went to see in a theater: I saw Sideways recently. It was very cool, although do have to say I was not expecting
such a high level of flabby naked man shots.

2. The last movie you watched at home: I finally saw Monster today. Man, was that intense. I can see why she won an Oscar.

3. How many movies do you own? There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 movies in the apartment, but several of those I'm not claiming (it frightens me that marriage brought Tremors into my home).

4. What was the last movie you bought?

The Ref. Awsome. $5 at Target. Go get it.

5. Got Netflix (or a similar service?) There are people who don't?
What are the next three movies in your queue? Hero, Mystic River, Annie Hall

6. List five movies you adore/mean a lot to you:

I've been trying to think of some movie with a great story behind it, but I just can't. Mostly this is because I had very limited access to pop culture until midway through high school, and that just wasn't that long ago. I can think of a few movies with bad memories (most uncomfortable moment with my mother ever, the movie I ditched to cheat on a boyfriend...) I'll just have to go with favorites:

When Harry Met Sally: I think sometimes the best movies are not necessarily the ones that you think are the most amazing as you leave the theater, but those you end up watching over and over and over and never get tired of.

The Princess Bride: So wonderful. Of course I had seen it probably 100 times before I realized that it was a comedy (I was very young), but I loved it both before and after. It also took a long time before I got to see the torture scene. Say, did you know that Inigo Montoya is a cardboard cutout in the first scene where they meet the princess?

Sliding Doors: My best friend in high school and I went to several movies during which we smuggled in a variety of foods in the sleeves of our letter jackets. For this one, we managed a bowl of soup in a bread bowl. The movie, which we went in knowing absolutely nothing about other than that it was at the right time, ended up being so good that it dwarfed this amazing accomplishment. We saw Office Space the same way (sans soup). Ah, the days when "New Line Cinema" meant the movie was going to be great.

American Pie: Yes, I realize that this movie is considered really, really dumb by many people. Now what you need to realize is that I was exactly the right age for it (we were seniors just like them!), and have great nostalgia about seeing it. The friend from above had gone to college, and so I spent almost every weekend hanging out with another close friend. Whenever we couldn't come up with anything to do we rented American Pie and drank Weinhardt's rootbeer. The best rootbeer on the planet, and a damn funny movie.

Shrek: Hey! I came up with one with real meaning! This was the movie during which my husband and I figured out we were both interested in eachother. He's still certain he made the first move and it was all his idea. How cute. Then we saw Shrek 2 together on the anniversary of our first official date.

7. Name your guilty pleasure movie (or genre): Anything created by Joss Whedon (I know this isn't really a movie, at least until Serenity comes out, but I have many on DVD so I figure it counts)

8. I'm passing this on to Jayla, the other materials gal, the quixotic Amy, and supergirl Rebecca.


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