Friday, July 08, 2005

With the exception of missing Mark like crazy, I am so incredibly happy to be back in Seattle. The middle of nowhere can be nice to visit if it's pretty (Columbus isn't), but even then a person can't be expected to live like that. I'm back in a place with busses and businesses and people and reasonable temperatures and above all... decent food! I went to Trader Joes and almost cried at all of the wonderful food of all types that was there. I walked past the Tea House and smelled it's very unique and very foreign scent, and if I could have figured out a way I would have hugged it. When I thought of Seattle while I was in MS it was sort of this vision of restaurants as far as the eye could see of any type you could think of. I may never eat at home again. Yesterday I had Thai. Today I'm thinking Indian. Maybe Cuban. I also hadn't realized how very much I missed my friends. Knitting at Essential last night was just wonderful. I was able to catch up with everyone, drink good coffee, and completely relax. And they gave us all free fancy desserts! I love this city.

Oh yeah, and I finished my sock on the drive back to MS from St Louis where we spent the weekend of the fourth (Happy Anniversary to me!).

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Those sock blockers are amazing. It is blocked so perfectly you wouldn't even believe.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

What great socks! It looks beaut-ee-mous! Are those antique blockers? Too cool!


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