Friday, November 04, 2005

I found my camera, so I'm back in action.

On Tuesday night I sat my self down and gave myself a Stern Talking To. It was filled with words like "responsibility" and "priorities" and "healthy amounts of sleep." I covered how even though I had a new disk of As Time Goes By from Netflix, it was already 10:30 and I was just going to leave it sealed until Wednesday. In the event that I broke down and watched an episode (I mean, they're so short), I most certainly was not going to watch more than one. And on Wednesday I was really going to put my nose the grindstone. I would be in early to the conference, I would see the papers I had set out to see, and whenever I had free time I would work on my qual. I don't know why I even bother; I never listen.

After watching all 7 episodes I had to sleep in a bit, and then was just sort of lazy about getting in. We had the world's slowest waiter at lunch (in fact, I'm not really sure he was a waiter; I think maybe he was just some guy in the restaurant that occasionally interrupted his meal to serve us when he couldn't bear watching us wait any longer), so I missed the paper I was really interested in. As for my free time...

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I did all of that on my Bobbi Bear on Wednesday. The Guinness is there for size comparison; I didn't realize until just now how much it looks like I will be giving my neice a drinking partner. Yesterday I knit the ears, but just didn't have the energy to sew them on or duplicate stitch around the neck to tighten it up. I also think I'll make him a little sweater.


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