Thursday, October 06, 2005

A while ago I finished the first socks in the Knitting on the Road along. I made three of them. The pink I previewed before. I, er, can't find the sock or pictures at this particular moment. I have to wait to do the second because I am planning on using the scrap yarn from my EZ sweater. I didn't read all that carefully when knitting, so I turned the heel and moved right on to Chart 2 after having completed Chart 1 only once. I like the shorter ankle, and just repeated Chart 2. I don't really like this sock at all. I much prefer the repetition of Chart 1, as written, and I just don't like this yarn as a sock. I think it's the mohair.

The completed pair I made out of

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(Sorry about the crappy picture. It was the clearest I got, and I've decided that blocking is unnecessary.) I followed the pattern more closely for these. I still made a short ankle, but repeated Chart 1. I like this and the yarn a lot better. This yarn is much smaller than the sport-weight the pattern is written for, so it created child-size socks. I have decided that my carry-along project will always be something for the Dulaan project. In this case I made the sock as written in smaller yarn to adjust it to kid size. Others I'll have to cut parts of the patterns, or just donate things for the older kids.


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