Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I had such a nice weekend, it almost makes up for waking up with a bout of food poisoning in the wee hours of the morning today. On Friday Jessica and I went to the Weaving Works Spin-In, which was great fun. I didn't remember to bring my camera, but you can see a photo of me spinning away on Jessica's blog. I finished up my experimentation bobbin, and have decided on a comfortable technique. I almost filled another bobbin before we left and got quite a bit better just during the three hour session. In a delightful twist, a woman who no longer spins came and gave away quite a bit of roving. I now have a big bag of

On Saturday I frantically finished Lara from the Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca book. I really like it, and can tell that I will be wearing it often. It's very comfortable, and so easy to just pull on and go. I'll have a photo soon. The reason I was rushing was to have it complete to wear to Churchmouse's anniversary sale. Jessica and I took the ferry (on which I wove in the last few ends) over in the evening and enjoyed their cake and champagne celebration. We had quite a bit of luck (as usual) in their clearance bins. I am now the proud owner of enough Kid Classic to make a sweater in a deep blue, and some 4-Ply soft in burgundy for socks. It seemed fitting to get a clearance sweater from them on the day I finished my last clearance sweater from their shop.

Since the weather has cooled, Sundays in the shop are not nearly as lonely. This week I was also working with someone else as we have a new employee. The day went by much more quickly for it.

Well, I have an early plane to catch to MS so I should really get to bed.


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