Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Pattern: Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl
Yarn: 2 skeins Honey Lane Farms Alpaca DK
Needles: US10.5
Changes: One fewer pattern repeats
Comments: I actually finished this yesterday but had to wait for it to dry. This knit up incredibly quickly. If you just count the first time I knit it, it took a week. I had some minor (by which I mean major) problems with the quantity of yarn. I knit all the pattern repeats, and got three quarters of the way through the edging. Oh well, I'm flexible. I ripped back, started the edging again, and only did half and bound off. 5/8 of the way off, to be exact. I went to find more yarn in the right color and failed. I hemmed and hawed about spending the $28 to buy a whole new skein that I would need two yards of and wouldn't really want the extras. I put it away for a few days. I picked it back up and ripped back one pattern repeat. I knit the edging, and bound off. 5/8 of the way. Damn. I hadn't so much ripped back a pattern repeat as ripped out the edging and tried again exactly the same way. I threw it aside in disgust. I decided the damn thing was going to be finished, and it was going to be finished NOW (I would finish, block, and then decide if I really needed more yarn). I actually ripped back a pattern repeat, and voila! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow. I really need it in my office. I may try to get a more artistic picture. The bed is the only thing with decent contrast, but then since I'm so short I really need something even higher than that to stand on.

Oh, by the way, I finished the baby hat and the socks as well.


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