Monday, February 13, 2006

End of Day 3:

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I'm trying to convince myself that the sleeves are the slowest part, since I have to keep stopping to pull and push the needles for the magic loop. I'm sort of tempted to go buy some 16" circulars so I can just go round and round... it's probably best to keep working on them simultaneously, though. I think the random ribbing part way up is a bit odd, and the second pattern doesn't look right without it, so I'm leaving them out.

I forgot to mention that I big sticking point in the beginning was that the first instruction was wrong. That's right, the one that started with "cast on." You don't notice at first. 54 stitches seems like a very reasonable number, so you trust them and start on your merry way. You knit the hem and a turning row. You knit a few simple rows. Then you start Pattern I, beginning in the chart so that the specified stitch will be in the center of the sleeve... hey! There is no center stitch with an even number! And reading further ahead, I'm supposed to add sets of two to get 125 stitches! After some consideration I determined that 53 was better than 55 for the pattern and knit two together somewhere. Since I had used a provisional cast on to be able to attach them hem by knitting two together rather than sewing, this required a k3tog at one point as well, but I think it's all fine.


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