Sunday, March 06, 2005

Okay, in my new apartment you can sometimes hear the bar below. Normally, this doesn't really bother me but it seems that Sunday night is karaoke night. I want to tear off my ears and pull my brains out through the holes. Some people are pretty good, but of course those don't carry the way four drunk guys belting out Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs does. At least I get to watch a classic episode of Buffy with some great lines. Their must be some fans out there who recognize "Well, there's a gathering, a shindig, and a hootenany: that's a whole lot of hoot and just a little bit of nanny" or "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead!... Bloody Americans" or "You can't just bury stuff Buffy, 'cause it'll come back up to get you" [cue zombies] or "Generally speaking; when scary things get scared, it's not good".

There are more, but I can hear Jess groaning, so I'm moving on to knitting ;-P

In all of the moving craziness for a while the only project I could find was the wristlets (which I have decided ought to be fingerless mittens) for the Knit Your Bit Along. Fine with me; I had really been wanting to finish those anyway. The first had been sitting thumbless for quite some time. I added the thumb during a freezing meeting so that I could wear it and hopefully be warmer. Then I started cruising on the second. When I reached the thumb, I happen to look closely at the first again:

Image hosted by

Do you see it? At some point I decided that I was too good for a three row repeat and just started alternating the second and third lines. I haven't entirely decided what I'm going to do. Since the switch pretty much exactly at the hand it would probably okay, but I really like the original pattern better. And they definitely have to match. I have ripped out the second and started over. When I get to the hand I'll decide what I'm going to do. I'm suspicious that I will be redoing the first. I tend to hem and haw over a decision, and then realize that I've frogged it all while I was thinking. I think we all remember this.

It has been said before, but I'll say it again. Rogue is just so friggin much fun to knit. Here's what I've got:

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I'm working with Mission Falls Wool. It's so soft and pretty and machine washable...

And finally, a finished project:

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It's a filet crochet produce bag of my own design to replace those damn plastic ones that are constantly filling my house and are, unlike grocery bags, completely un-reusable.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

How could you hear me groaning over "Sweet Caroline?"

I think if you can't bet 'em, you'll have to join 'em. Karaoke night at Molly's! Wooo!!!!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Kim said...

Buffy quotes! Genius!

Your Rogue looks fantastic - the body of mine is not quite as far as yours, although I have 1.5 sleeves done. We'll have to commiserate over the grafting of the hood whenever we get there. All I want to do is knit on Rogue, although this frickin' paper is due tomorrow . . .

Someday I'll make it to purlygirls, and we'll have a Rogue show and tell.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Gorgeous work on the Rogue! I'm so making that next!

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous becca said...

So right now, I am procrastinating getting started on my finals. Do you know what my second favorite mode of procrastination (besides reading my friends blogs and posting silly comments) is? Yep, you guessed it!

Watching Buffy reruns!!!

And that, is one of the many, many, many reasons that I miss you tons.

I hope that Buffy can drown out the bad karaoke, and that you think of me sometimes when you're watching, cause I'm thinking of you and our Buffy past.


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