Monday, August 01, 2005

The leafy tank for the shop is done! I realize that I haven't posted much about it, but believe me it has been a monkey on my back. In interest of blog-accuracy and in response to an argument with Jessica if I started this in May as I claim, I searched through my archives this morning. I started it in a month that begins with an M...

I had to rush out of town right after blocking it, so I was unable to get photos. I'll take some (and provide more project details) as soon as I get back to Seattle late next week. If you can't wait, you can see it on display at The Fiber Gallery.

Last night I spent a nice evening in my southern home with Mark and I both working on computer projects. I was typing up the pattern for the aforementioned tank, while Mark was working on changing this

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to this

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for his flight school class patch. CAFB stands for Columbus Air Force Base, and 06-13 is his class (they will be the thirteenth class to graduate in 06. I think.) The plane is called a Tweet (if you want to know why find a training base near you and listen to the planes), and is what they do a substantial part of their training in. Don't you love that this super-intense, hardcore training program starts with arts and crafts?


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Ah ha!


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